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Colour me Iridescent

Colour me black
like a mummer’s face
shielding me with midnight’s cloak.

Colour me blue
Cool as the shade
Juggling through life, whistle and gait.

Colour me red
Fiery and hot
Senses brimming with burning passion.

Colour me white
As a graven lily
Still and fair, death’s embrace.

Colour me green
Mottled seedlings
Rising again, pinning for light.

Colour me rainbow
all life twirling
weaving through this iridescent loop.

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Sweet Tomorrow

Hello tomorrow
will you be kind to
wash away my yesterday–
past wrong and shame
of wayward roads
and old mishap?

Dear tomorrow
will you fill me up—
with laughter and mirth
and dancing hours
silken dreams of
the life I need?

Sweet tomorrow
can you sing me a song
of  cheery hearts
and love
sorrow withheld
pure Joy upheld?

But if my dreams
their way to lose on
Iris trail
take my mounting fears
lay them to sweet rest
at Elpis feet.

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Sprinting Love Affair

I hate to sweat

But baby we did good together

I was marred by uncertainty

Unsure if I could go the distance

But you were there

Sturdy. Steady. A reliable cushion.

Better yet because we fit so well

So I flew to that place where the world fell away

 And dreams lived

As my mind raked in our surrounding

And from now distant speakers Jessie’s Bang Bang filtered

Through the pores of my consciousness

I have always thought her a queer one

But today even the music was in perfect sync with our motion

Till your voice broke me out of my reverie …

….Go Faster

And I did…

Tuning in to the maniacal grind as we moved

Thump Thump Thump

Was that us or the music of my heart?

But baby did we dance

Until my blood grew hot

It gave me a heady feeling

…and I knew it was time

My fingers slid down the cool contour of your body

Hovered at that spot for a brief second

…and hit STOP

Well done, you crooned. Let’s do this again.


Wrote this for the love of running about two years ago. It’s literally about the relationship between the runner, the running pal (in this case Runtastic app) and the shoes 😀

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Freedom is a bird in flight; flapping. gliding. weightless. falling.

Freedom is a monarch butterfly; all beauty and no vanity.

Freedom is a little child; trusting. loving.

Freedom is an arm stretched wide; hopeful.

Freedom is the sun; bright. warm. golden.

Freedom is the star; far, far away. untouchable

Freedom is the moon; ever-changing. full. half. crescent.

Freedom is a Nightingale; sweet melodious strains.

Freedom is the mocking jay; teasing you.

Freedom is a soft sigh that escape your lips when no one’s listening.

Freedom is the dream you see today.

Freedom is what you wish for when you’re caged.