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I read what’s undoubtedly the saddest post I’ve seen in a while. A girl stuck in an arranged marriage feels sad about it. I offer her what little comfort I have, words I’m not sure can pierce through the wall of loneliness and misery she lives in now, but no less words. I can not think of anything else to give. I say am sorry she’s had to make this decision.  I’m sorry she feels… is alone. I’m sorry the people she should talk to expect her happiness. I’m sorry she has to lie everyday, wearing a screen of happiness in place of her grief.

And I remembered me not too long ago. Heart broken. Smiling. Falling apart. Laughing. Crying. Dancing. And pretending everything was well in my world when it wasn’t.

I heard of an expression in an episode of Game Of Thrones: You must master your face. Because your face can say a million things your mouth and actions aren’t saying. I can tell when a person I know is telling a lie simply by watching their facial expression. I can spot sadness in the eyes even when the lips curve in a smile.
I can because I understand that true deception lies in being the master of one’s face, so that nothing escapes.

Sometimes I am able to pull this off; other times I’m not. It all depends on how important it is for me to cloak my feelings, project a new image and sell it. Or on who I’m trying to deceive.

Why do we feel the need to act other than what our emotions dictate at a particular time?
Why do we pretend happiness when we’re not?
Why do we hide the tears and laugh when our hearts are shrinking in pain?
Why stay behind a screen and project a fluke of a life to everybody else?
Because it’s easy to assume no one cares about the way we feel?
Because we’d rather not deal with how they deal with our pain?
Because we’re scared that our grief translates to weakness?
Because even when we spend our lives searching for community, we don’t know how to open ourselves and become a part of it.

And I wish we would. I wish we’d dare to let out the sorrow and receive the help that is sure to come, because even though a million rejoice at our pain, there will be a million more who identify with it and offer comfort.

We say misery loves company; perhaps not. Misery today seems to love solitude. But company is not a bad thing, it’s what we are made to do– share our joys and share our sorrows because we are worth it. Because we deserve to receive whatever solace lies out there. Because there is no better balm for the aching heart than another heart that cradles it in love.



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I was thinking about the circle of life. Like that time in The Lion King when Mufasa told Simba all life is connected. We know that the larger predatory animals feed on the smaller ones. The herbivores eat grass. And the grass feeds on the dead, decaying corpse of both predators and prey. Circle of life.

There’s also Pocahontas, another Disney classic. That song, Colours of the Wind. I love the line that says, “But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.”

And that’s the whole point, isn’t it? As humans we are connected at a primal level to the earth that sustains us and to one another. We were formed from dirt. We will return to dirt. We feed from the bowels of the earth. And when we go, we’ll become food for the earth too. We exist in a community where we receive from one another and give, too.

I believe that man isn’t just a being, he’s a body giving off energy. We interact with the elements in our environment, feeding off it and releasing– either positive or negative energy– into it. When we absorb too much negativity, we often to tend to give that back. Likewise, when we absorb positive energy, we also give that back. We emit whatever charge we take in most. I’ve learned that we can give only what we’ve received. So when we give love, it’s because we understand love. And we understand love because we’ve been shown love.

The world is built on connection. Connection to the earth. Connection to the elements. Connection to one another. Connection to our maker.

Perhaps all of these serve to remind us that we cannot exist on our own. We need sustenance which is provided to us, but we also need to nurture that which sustains us so that we learn never to take anything for granted.

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There is very little inevitability in life. Death is not one of them—or at the very least I don’t think it one. Still there are situations and circumstances that invariably occur and are incapable of being avoided. These manifest themselves in varying phases of our lives, businesses and relationship with one another.

In business, we know this as truth because every firm interacts with the environment and this in itself is dynamic, ever-changing, bringing with each spin opportunities and risks. How this is managed will dictate the life and/or death of the business.

In life it manifests as choices. We say change is inevitable because man is always, at some point or the other in his life, faced with choices. We assume by rational theory that every man will choose the better circumstance, but we also have to consider other factors like behavioural patterns—for all we know he could be addicted to nicotine and smoke a ton, so we know this man will choose a cigarette, rather than none even though it could lead to an increased chance of cancer.

In our relationships we cannot refute the obvious truth that emotions and self-interests affect our desire for the next person—either in relationships of a romantic sort or just plain community. A person will by virtue of shared interests wish to be with one group of people who share similar interests, to one that doesn’t. This is in spite of another truth that man is a social being. One woman could choose to love one man who has her already emotionally vested, but that is not to say that a marriage is inevitable, because choice in itself rules out a definite future.

If we all knew exactly what tomorrow held, then we could say that our futures are already set in stone, and of course, would make the idea of living a terribly boring chore. But we don’t because every choice made is a stone cast in the river that is life, creating a ripple effect.

There is one inevitable: choice, always affected by the things we desire which changes with each change in our level of awareness.

There is one inevitable: growth, physical or emotional. It could be up and forward, or down and backward. You decide.

There is one inevitable: love, because that is what we search for at every turn. Acceptance. Community. Trust.

But death isn’t. For even when the body dies, the soul lives on. Our legacy lives on. Our name lives on. And the footprints we leave behind, like a stone cast in the river, creates a ripple in the lives of those we touched.


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